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All About Wedding Sparklers – The Best Way To Send Off Newly Wedded Couples

Wedding is one of the most celebrated events in the world and because of this, it is no wonder that we have send many wedding send off trends all year round. For sure, you have already witnessed wedding send offs that uses rice and though this is the traditional way of doing things, what seems to be the problem with rice is that it is messy and potentially dangerous as well for birds that are scavenging. There are other wedding send off trends that has been passed down such as the butterfly craze which is thought to be sweet in theory, yet what seems to be the problem is that butterflies die (in many cases, butterflies die even before the ceremony began). Then there are those noisemakers that though may give live to the ceremony and is a breath of fresh air, they tend to break the ordinance of common decency for noise. Now, in celebration to honor the upcoming fourth of July which is a holiday, let us celebrate the most fabulous and the most dreamy wedding send off accessory of all – the wedding sparklers.

One thing that we want you to know about sparklers is the fact that they have been used during the fourth of July barbecue parties and even during birthday celebrations (placed at the top of a birthday cake), however the most romantic usage of sparklers are when wedding guests line up outside the reception hall to shower the couple with wishes of good fortune and success, and this is why they become wedding sparklers.

That is not the only the case at all since wedding sparklers out there are also known to eliminate any possible nuances that are attached to many other wedding send off accessories or trends. Today, many couples would not longer want a handful of rice grains pelted on them as not only it does not sound pleasant, there is that possibility of scavenging birds joining the ceremony due to the grain of rice. As for the butterfly craze, well, after learning the lesson of when wedding send offs turned into a mass butterfly murder scene, many couples skip this option as well. There are tons of churches and reception sites that do not allow the use of flower petals as wedding send off accessory due to the mess it leaves and though the use of bubbles may be cute, it tend to create an awkward silence as guests are too busy blowing the bubbles to wish the newly wedded couples congratulations, plus it makes the hand sticky as well.

Which lead us back to wedding sparklers since these sparklers are perfect for seasonal weddings, plus there goes the fact that the beauty of these little fireworks is a sight that all of us want to see.

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